Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Health & Beauty with Two Special Juice Recipes

Every time there is a new survey comes related to health that how you can better be at it provided no disease could touch you. In today’s time where various new diseases are surfacing, it becomes necessary for us to protect ourselves rather than getting into them.

We all know that we should daily exercise and eat healthy nutritious food that helps our body to keep disease away. This includes vegetables, fruits and others. A healthy diet should contain everything in it like protein, vitamin, carbohydrates, minerals and other nutritional ingredients.

Fruits also play an important part in keeping us healthy. They provide essential amount of nutrition. Some people do not like to eat fruits instead they prefer juices of them. It is considered better that rather than eating fruits, their juices should be drunk and it is good that you do not have to peel off the some fruits. So for your better health we are going to tell you some fruits drinks’ recipes that provide you essential nutrients as well as help to eliminate toxins from your body. They are also beneficial for your weight loss, acidity problems and for strengthening your immune system. So by drinking juices of various types maintain your health and beauty.


Fat Burner Juice


·          10 mint leaves

·          150 grams pineapple

·          1 lime100 grams bottle gourd(Dudhi)

Nutrients Present:

·          Vitamin B6

·          Carotenes

·          Magnesium

·          Thiamin

·          Vitamin B12

·          Iron

·          Vitamin C

·          Zinc

·          Copper

·          Betaine

·          Dietary Fiber

Health Benefits:

·          Treatment of acidity

·          Promotes weight loss

·          Stopping smoking habits

·          Maintains healthy skin

·          Reduces cough

·          Eliminating toxins from the body


·          First of all take a fresh pineapple. After peeling off its skin, cut the pineapple into small pieces leaving the core.

·          Then take the first bottle gourd and also peel its skin and cut into the small pieces.

·          Put the both the cut pieces into a grinder adding 2 cubes of ice with 10 leaves of mint squeezing 1 full lime juice.

·          Then blend them together for 1 to 3 minutes. After fully grinding them, sieve the juice and then drink it.

2. Fiber Sip (Mocktail Juice)


·          8 to 10 pieces of strawberries

·          1 orange (only fiber)

·          1 full kiwi

Nutrients Present:

·          Vitamin A

·          Manganese

·          Vitamin C

·          Iron

·          Zinc

·          Vitamin B1

·          Potassium

·          Vitamin E

Health Benefits:

·          Maintains healthy skin

·          It is an antioxidant

·          Strengthens immune system

·          Promotes weight loss

·          Prevents kidney stones


·          First of all chop kiwi, oranges and strawberries with only fiber.

·          Then after chopping all three, put the them into the blender

Put two cubes of ice and then blend for 3 to 4 minutes and at the end serve the drink chilled.

Friday, 4 October 2013

Don’t Wear Belt Tight Otherwise Throat Cancer

We at health & beauty blog providing you a new research about throat cancer which can be caused by your fashion accessory that you every day use with your pants, jeans and other dress materials ‘belt’

There are always new studies done on health programs and diseases. New solutions are suggested by years of researches and studies provided you can live healthy and no disease could touch you but perhaps it is not so possible. As new solutions are brought to better your life, in the same number new diseases come and erupt every time.

In recent time a new study comes on surface and it is about your fashion accessory ‘Belt’ that you round on your waist. It is researched that ‘wearing a tight belt could increase the chances of throat cancer’. It means it increases chances of suffering acid reflux. In this new study it is stated that if you wear your belt too tight squeezing your waist that forces acid into the oesophagus. So those people, who are overweight and wear belts, could be at the chances of risk.

It is not only with overweight people, even this can happen with healthy people too who wear the belt tight. It can cause a partial hiatus hernia which can make acid reflux. It can happen when stomach squeezes into the chest through an opening in the diaphragm that can result into acid leak into the oesophagus. This kind of condition can link to the oesophageal cancer and it is the one of them most increasing form of cancers. So next time when you wear belt, wear it comfortably and balance your weight.

Thursday, 1 August 2013

How to Care for Your Beautiful Feet at Home

Everyone wants health & beauty. They want to look good and remain healthy; perhaps there is not any who wouldn’t want to be healthy because your health is all what you want and in old terms “Health is Wealth”.

People pay more attention towards their face and other parts of it ignoring the feet which is also essential to care for.  Some people do not know how to care for them and in the name of care they only wash them with water which perhaps not right care for feet. So if you want your feet soft and beautiful then here are some tips that you can use to care for your feet.

•    Dead cells, you must have heard this name everywhere where the talk comes of beauty and skin. Dead cells are those cells which make your skin look dead and these are on feet too, to get rid of them you should scrub your feet with pumice stone for some minutes, mostly on the area of toes and heels. You should scrub gently with care, besides that pumice stone also helps in increasing blood circulation.

•    If you want to make your feet look like feather soft then you should soak your feet in warm milk and after it wash them with warm water. This method helps in improving feet’s skin. You can add something extra if you want your feet look wonderful, put some rose petals in warm milk while soaking.

•    If you want to massage on your feet then you should soak your feet in warm water for a while. You should remember that put them dry, if there is little bit moisture then it is good. After it rub your feet with petroleum jelly like massaging. It will help in removing dead cells and also in improving blood circulation.

•    Except above methods you should wash and clean your shoes and socks because the condition of your feet also depends on your footwear what type of you wear. So always wear comfortable shoes and socks that provide protection to your feet.